The Founder


In 2011, he completed the Master degree in Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering at ISCTE. The master degree thesis consisted of programming an algorithm to trade automatically in the financial markets (Forex). From this work came a article published in IEEE .

His first professional experience was at Nokia Siemens Networks , where he started sub contracted. Five months after working in the company, he was offered to join the company. Thus, he remained an internal employee for 3 years, until 2015, when he decided to leave the company and start a personal project that had been preparing for some time - Nmob.

The birth of Nmob had been about a year earlier, in 2014, when the trademark was registered. For about 8 months it was being planned the strategy and positioning of the brand and which would be the main services that would be offered.

In 2015, with the departure from Nokia Siemens Networks, Nmob became the full-time project to which all efforts would be directed.